The film proceeds support the poor, sick, and orphaned or handicapped children in India – in education and health care – through different organisations:

Deepalaya, Delhi
Deepalaya strongly believes that differently abled children can learn to lead a normal life if they have effective access to services like early identification, intervention, education, vocational training, employment opportunities and the availability of aids and appliances.

Genesis Foundation, Gurgaon
The Genesis Foundation facilitates medical treatment for critically ill under-privileged children suffering from Congenital Heart Defects. The support required in the said critical illness varies from specific surgeries, Cath Lab Interventions along with recovery and recuperation post-surgery. We, Save Little Hearts.

Gemini Foundation, Mumbai
Gemini Foundation focuses on following areas with support from partner organisations and NGOs: Educational empowerment and support with vocational training for underprivileged children.

Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, (KISS) Bhubaneswar
Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences is an organization dedicated to providing holistic quality education to 27000 tribal children to eliminate poverty and hunger.

Spread a Smile India, Delhi
Spread A Smile India strives towards the overall improvement of one of the most vulnerable sections of our society; with approximately 240 destitute children between 3 and 17, who live on the streets and beg at traffic lights in Delhi.

A film about love and compassion
inspired by the life of Mother Teresa.

A movie by Kamal Musale
with Banita Sandhu, Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz and Deepti Naval


Produced by:

Curry Western Movies, India

Les Films du Lotus, Switzerland

Kavita Teresa Film, UK