Current Status

  • After having written the screenplay, Kamal Musale has been entrusted by The Zariya Foundation to carry out the movie’s direction and production.

  • $ 3.5 of the $ 4 Mio budget are committed or already been donated by foundations or individuals.

  • Filming started in jan/feb 2020 in Mumbai studios, and we have shot so far 65 % of the movie, spending $ 1,8 Mio so far.

  • Due to COVID 19, we hope to resume filming in London by fall and in Kolkata by the end of the year 2020.

  • The film has been registered as an official British co-production in April 2020 by the British Film Institute, via our British company Kavita Teresa Film Ltd (UK).

  • The Film Premiere shall take place in 2021, in a big Festival (Cannes, Venice, Zürich, Toronto).

Financial Plan

The unique aspect of this movie is that it’s being financed with charity donations, and all proceeds which result from these funds will go back to charitable institutions and foundations that work for the poor, the sick and abandoned or handicapped children. They will be supported in their education and health care.

To finance this charity, The Zariya Foundation was created in 2010 in Switzerland, followed by the Zariya Trust in India, and by a tax exemption scheme in the US. They intend to raise $ 4 Mio. to finance this major motion picture based on the vision and key messages of Mother Teresa.

We invite 200 people around the world donating $ 20’000 to cover the total cost of $ 4 Mio. to make the film. Smaller donations are, of course, welcome. Swiss and U.S. donors will benefit from tax exemption in their country.

A few individuals (5-10 people) are expected to donate a bigger amount as they have already pronounced their interest and support.

All donors can choose from the 3 different methods to pay or guarantee the agreed amounts:

  • Pay directly to the Zariya Foundation account.
  • Pay on an escrow account, until the $ 4 Mio. is guaranteed.
  • Give a written guarantee to pay the agreed amount on first demand to Zariya Foundation.

Zariya Foundation-Konto: Credit Suisse AG, 8070 Zürich
IBAN: CH02 0483 5160 1252 0100 0


Curry Western Movies (Pvt Ltd) in India, Les Films du Lotus (Sàrl) in Switzerland and Kavita Teresa Film (Ltd)  are the film production companies, directed by Kamal Musale, that will ensure that the movie is produced with the highest quality. Apart from a 2 weeks shoot in London, the film is mainly produced in India, all companies ensuring a world-class result thanks to the know-how to lower production costs in India.

Les Films du Lotus is a 25-year old Swiss production company that focuses on development and co-production of English-language feature films co-produced with European, UK, Canadian, US & Indian partners. It has produced before about a dozen films for European broadcasters.

Curry Western Movies is an Indian company created in 2007 to cook Indian movies for Western taste. It produces its movies with Les Films du Lotus.

Together they have co-produced the feature “Curry Western”, aka Sanyasi) (released in 2019) with Les Films du Lotus / Louise Productions (Switzerland) and Flick The Switch (UK), for a 2 m $ budget. Previously they made “Bumbai Bird” (a low-budget feature in festivals now) with Les Films du Lotus (Switzerland), for a 300’000 $ budget. Curry Western co-produced “Millions Can Walk” (with Reck Productions Switzerland), a feature documentary released in 2015, for a 600’000 $ budget (released in cinemas in Switzerland and Germany).

Kavita & Teresa is their next feature project, in coproduction with the Zariya Foundation.

Kavita Teresa Film (Ltd) in the UK is a company created for the production of this movie in England, as a substantial part of the story takes place in London. British actors and technicians also are involved in our production. The British Film Institute (BFI) has officially registered our movie as a British Film via the coproduction with India. 

A film about love and compassion
inspired by the life of Mother Teresa.

A movie by Kamal Musale
with Banita Sandhu, Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz and Deepti Naval


Produced by:

Curry Western Movies, India
Zariya Charitable Trust, India

Co-produced by:

Les Films du Lotus, Switzerland
Zariya Foundation, Switzerland
Kavita Teresa Film, UK